Sunday, July 24, 2011

thoughts upon whisking and waltzing my way into the blog-o-sphere

...cause that's what they call it these days, right? the blogosphere? as if i needed to be reassured of my ramblings' complete and total invalidity, knowing they are nary a blip on the radar in a writing universe that sounds like the illegitimate lovechild of weblogs and a particularly slutty hemisphere is awesome if not confounding. in any event, here i am- paltry kitchen, grocery list, and itchy trigger- i mean, uh, typing- finger at the ready. shall we then? let's shall.

first things first: hi. i'm a grade-a dork, an english major who loathes shakespeare (and capitalization) and someone who absolutely adores cooking but apparently lacks the innate skills required to come up with anything ultra fabulous. i've just relocated from tucson, arizona to columbus, ohio with my boyfriend whom we'll call the pilot.  he's the brains of this outfit, as he's an engineering major, a private pilot, and a culinary ninja. okay not because he's perpetually stalking me in our closet-sized kitchen with a katana, but more because he has a flawless track record of finding one ingredient off the beaten path to add to whatever dish i've been concocting for two hours, and magically outdoes my every culinary effort in five seconds. we have a cat named harry potter, so i'll just call him the wizard and say that he loves tuna, he wishes our entire apartment were made of tuna, and tuna yellowfin blackfin tuna yum yum tuna catnip meow mix tuna tuna. (his words, not mine.)

second things coming secondly: i'm not going to pretend this 'ere blog is anything awesome or new. according to nothing at all scientific, it's not groundbreaking or revolutionary, whimsical or hysterical or anything that might wind up in between cutsie curleycue hardcovers of its own food network book someday. nay, this is but my rambling collection of thoughts, recipes, musings whilst drenched in sweat in my small central ohio apartment (that is devoid of air conditioning while it's 99 degrees out and 100% humidity), and of course the occasional vignette or at least what i consider choice anecdote from whatever slice of life i may be pondering- moving cross country, living overseas, school, my friends in DC, whatever it may be- rather randomly coupled with pictures, playlists inspired by recipes or stories, and a bit of my bitch verve. i know, right? alongside proving that not all english majors can construct concise sentences and should not be allowed to write just anywhere, i also just totally sold you on becoming a regular reader, didn't i? oh let's not tarry, that whole self-confidence thing is for winners, and i missed the class due to something that's less hilarious that the excuse i'll inevitably make up. so there's that.

aaaaanyhoo, i suppose the basic crux of this blogthing is this: the pilot and i are navigating the twists and turns of living in a city neither of us have ventured to before, we're doing so on a budget so strapped that a shoestring looks buff, and we're doing it with nod to karma and a tip of the cap to luck and chance. we have no idea which end is up, no idea where the next few months, years or however long it may be will take us, and i'm inviting you into our home, kitchen and lives in gereral just for the hell of it. so sit back (or forwards or roundabout, i care not- hell, jump on a pogo stick and read this on your smart phone if you can wrangle it) and enjoy the ride- or lack thereof. this is a tale of cooking, flying, writing, financial gymnastics and paving our way in the country's 15th largest city with nothing but our fingers crossed.

coming up soon in the tales 'n recipes department: pizza margherita, some butterscotchy items to fondly remember my grandfather who went to school here in columbus, and meditations on taking the city's public transportation. as my downstairs neighbor put it, 'you meat the creme de la crop on the bus.' oh lawds. y'all have no idea. until then, drink a cold one for me. cause it's hot, you see.

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